Tuition & Fees


  • Tuition is due by the first of the month. Accounts become delinquent after the fifth of each month. Tuition must be paid before a student can start attending school. 
  • Annual or semester tuition payments can be paid via cash, check, electronic bank draft, or credit card. 
  • Monthly payments must be paid via electronic bank draft or automatic debit/credit card charge. 
  • Please note all parents are responsible for Registration & Material Fees (regardless of financial aid status). 
  • If a parent fails to pay tuition for two consecutive months, an e-mail or letter will be sent to inform the parent that payment has not been received and if payment (or a payment plan) is not received within 30 days, the parent will not be permitted to bring the student back to Annoor Academy of Knoxville until the account balance is rectified. 
  • Parents should review the tuition compliance policy in the parent handbook for further information and details. 
Early Childhood Department (Ages 3 - 4) $7,110.00
Monthly for 10 months (if approved by Admissions)$711.00
Annual (with discount)$6,932.00
Semester August - December / January - May (with discount) $3,466.00
Elementary & Middle School (KG - 8th Grade)$6,700.00
Monthly for 10 months (if approved by Admissions)$670.00
Annual (with discount)$6,533.00
Semester August - December / January - May (with discount) $3,267.00