Summer Qur’ān Program


We are excited to announce the launch of a unique and special summer Qur'ān program with dedicated Qur'ān and Islamic studies teachers under the guidance of Hafiz Noman Zaheer of the Tayseer Qur'ān program. This is geared to meet the individual needs of children ages 7-12.

In addition to Qur'ān and Islamic Studies, AAK staff members will guide children as they participate in sports, science projects, arts & crafts and much more!  We will tailor the perfect day to suit your child's individual interests and abilities!  Children will be in small groups based on age and the child-to-adult ratio has been designed to emphasize individual attention.

Weeks Offered:

9 – 12 (part time)
9 – 4 (full time)

Register online HERE.  Registration fee of $25 must be paid online here, please indicate your child’s name in the “Add a Note” field.

Part-Time Cost $150/week or $700 for 6 weeks
Full-Time Cost $225/week or $1,200 for 6 weeks
There are no sibling or family discounts.

About the Program

The goal of the program is to ensure all students have learned enough Qur'ān to apply in their worship.  Children who are unable to read will leave able to read, and those who are able to read will leave with the basics of tajwid.  Children will be able to recite properly and confidently, inshaAllah.  We have trained five teachers who will be dedicated to teaching children Qur'ān reading and Islamic studies in small groups for both elementary and middle school-ages, inshaAllah.

There will also be an Islamic Studies component that will focus on worship (cleanliness, prayer, and the articles of faith) and a Prophetic manners component, focused on Islamic etiquette.

About the Teachers

The teachers have undergone training and orientation with Hafiz Noman for two months in preparation for this program, while three of them have also been studying Qur'ān recitation with Hafiz Noman for over two years.