Model Accelerated Math Program

Model Accelerated Math Program
Teacher  and  class at Annoor Academy have achieved the Renaissance Certification of Accelerated Math Model Classroom. Educator Certification is professional recognition Teachers can achieve by adhering to best practices and focusing student energies on achieving personalized as well as class goals. Educator Certification, along with professional development, helps ensure fidelity of implementation. Model Classroom is the first level of certification for an individual classroom. 


Engaged Time: Class is averaging 15 minutes of daily math practice for grades 1 and 2 and 30 minutes for grades 3 and up.
Level of Accuracy: 90% of students are at or above 75% on Accelerated Math practice assignments and score at or above 80% on review. (Students with special needs or circumstances will be taken into account.)
Accelerated Math was purchased for the first time at Annoor Academy during Fall 2012. This program was purchased to increase mathematical knowledge and standardized testing scores at Annoor Academy. 

The mathematic scores on STAR Math and Discovery Standardized tests have proved a large increase since the program was placed into full affect on January 7th.