Early Childhood Development


The demand for early childhood development and education programs continues to increase, not only in response to the growing demand for out-of-home child care but also in recognition of the critical importance of educational experiences during the early years.  Access to high-quality early childhood education is among the smartest investments that we can make. Research has shown that the early years in a child’s life—when the human brain is forming—represent a critically important window of opportunity to develop a child’s full potential and shape key academic, social, and cognitive skills that determine a child’s success in school and in life.

A child’s first school experience is crucial.  A happy experience will shape a child’s expectations positively for their future academic and social endeavors.  Fundamental learning activities stimulate awareness and creativity, as well as gently prepare your child for a national progression into future grades.

Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Department offers toddler care (18 months and up), a two-year preschool and prekindergarten program for ages 3 and up that is focused on active, participatory learning, and a Kindergarten program.  It is designed to provide children with the tools necessary to be prepared for and excel in first grade and above, in addition to enjoying their childhood and having fun in a manner that enhances their cognitive development and curiosity.

It is the mission of the AAK ECD Department to provide a fully integrated preschool program designed to foster the child’s social and emotional growth, as well as their physical and mental development.  We maintain these goals by providing an Islamic environment where we nurture morals and values as outlined in the Quran and Sunnah.