Kindergarten – Eighth Grades

Morning assembly is a crucial element in the school day for grades Kindergarten and up. Reciting Qur’an and making Du’a help prepare the students and the staff emotionally and spiritually to carry out their duties responsibly throughout the day.

Our curriculum exceeds the Tennessee Department of Education requirements, and we are always evaluating, improving and developing our curriculum to ensure that our students are excelling academically. Our student body’s performance is well above average in standardized tests, and their outstanding performance in the schools they attend after graduating from Annoor Academy are indications of our dedication to an accelerated curriculum.

The students offer midday prayers in congregation every day, followed by a short reflective study circle about Islamic manners and ethics.  The basis of the student behavior is derived from the Prophetic tradition.

"The most perfect person in his faith among the believers is the one with the best behavior."