Admissions Process
  • Admissions opens in January
  • Priority admissions ends April 15
  • Parents will be notified with a receipt of application
  • Admissions decisions will be communicated to parents no later than April 30
  • Any students who do not meet admissions requirements will be notified
Birthday Cut-off and Late Enrollment
  • The birthday cut-off for students is August 
  • Any students seeking to enroll after the school year has commenced have to be approved by the admissions committee
  • For NEW students, please complete this application for admission at AAK.

  • The registration fee is $100. No application will be accepted without a registration fee.  To pay online, visit (please indicate your child's name in the Add a Note section).

  • Submitting a form online does not guarantee admission.

  • By submitting an online form, you are agreeing to the Enrollment & Tuition Contract (see below).

  • If you choose to apply for financial aid, you must submit the application along with all the required documentation by April 15 for priority consideration. The deadline to apply for financial aid is May 15.  Please be reminded that Financial Aid is granted based on need and availability of limited funds.

  • If you have any questions /concerns, please send e-mail

  • Visit our FaceBook page for up-to-date happenings at our school!

Admissions Checklist

Application for admission

Previous school records

Interview with parent and student

 If ECD, interview and site visit

 If KG or above, academic screener in reading and math

 Immunization Record

Birth Certificate

Enrollment & Tuition Contract for Parents

  • The parent represents and warrants to the school that he/she is the parent of the student, with full legal authority to act on behalf of the student and to enter this Contract. As used herein, the term “parent” means the natural or adoptive parent, guardian, trustee, executor, administrator, or any other person having or assuming responsibility for the payment of expenses incurred in the education of the student. Access to student records will be restricted to the undersigned parent(s).
  • To secure this admission, the parent agrees to pay the school a non-refundable registration fee.
  • The terms of this contract shall become effective upon execution by the parent and acceptance by the school.
  • The parent understands this enrollment is made for one full school year.
  • The parent also acknowledges that timely payment of tuition and other billable school fees is important to the operating budget of the school.
  • The parent acknowledges that the school has the right to suspend or expel the student during or after the school year and the parent acknowledges full responsibility for the tuition and fee for the entire school year regardless of whether the student withdraws, is requested to withdraw, or is expelled or suspended.
  • If circumstances require the student’s withdrawal from the school (during the school year), due to change in job/business and it is not possible to commute to school, the parent must notify the School’s Admission committee/Principal in writing. Under these circumstances, the Admission Committee will prorate the tuition accordingly. Otherwise, the parent is obligated for the full year’s tuition and fees regardless of whether the student attends the school year.
  • The parent agrees to abide by the parent handbook and all the policies contained therein, including policies related to tuition payments, tardy & attendance, behavior, and uniforms.
  • Tuition is due by the first of the month. Accounts become delinquent after the fifth of each month. Tuition must be paid before a student can start attending school.
  • If a parent fails to pay tuition for two consecutive months, an e-mail or letter will be sent to inform the parent that payment has not been received and if payment (or a payment plan) is not received within 30 days, the parent will not be permitted to bring the student back to Annoor Academy of Knoxville until the account balance is rectified.
  • Annual or semester tuition payments can be paid via cash, check, electronic bank draft, or credit card.
  • Monthly payments must be paid via electronic bank draft or automatic debit/credit card charge.
  • Please note all parents are responsible for Registration & Material Fees (regardless of financial aid status).
  • In addition to the tuition, fees, and charges, the parent agrees to pay and reimburse the school for all monthly charges incurred by the student at the school and all charges imposed by the school for school programs, events, travel, materials, and supplies. All such charges will be due and payable by the date indicated on the invoice.
  • The parent shall pay the school for any damage to school property caused by the student beyond reasonable wear and tear as determined by the school in its discretion.
  • The parent and the student agree to be bound by the policies, rules and regulations of the school as contained in its official handbook or publication and as adopted or interpreted by the school from time to time and understand and agree that any violation or breach thereof by the student or the parent may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion of the student. These policies, rules and regulations are incorporated into this agreement, and both the parent and the student agree to abide by them. The school reserves the rights from time to time to change, alter, amend, add to, interpret, or delete portions of said policies, rules or regulations as the school deems appropriate.
  • The parent agrees to pay to the school an administrative fee of $35 for any returned check.
  • If any portion of this agreement shall be rendered void, the remainder shall not be thereby affected.
  • The parties agree that the laws of the State of Tennessee shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of this agreement.
  • The foregoing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no modifications or amendments are valid unless written and signed by both parties.