About Us

Annoor Academy is a private Islamic School located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The school was founded in 1998 by the Muslim Community of Knoxville. The purpose of the school was to provide children of the Knoxville Community with an excellent education in a safe, secure, Islamic environment. The vision of the school, from day one, was to prepare the students to be the best productive American citizens. The school was started in modular units in East Knoxville. With great effort and collaboration from community members and stakeholders, we were able to construct a very attractive school building in West Knoxville.


Our Mission
Annoor Academy is dedicated to providing its students with excellent academic education in an Islamic environment.

Our Vision
Annoor Academy envisions a future where every student receives high-quality individualized education that prepares him/her for a bright future as a caring, productive member of the society.